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What is Engineers4Tomorrow?

Engineers4Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enticing new generations of students to embrace science & technology and pursue careers in those fields.

Our Vision

Give every child the opportunity to pursue careers in the fields of Engineering & Science.

Our Principles

We aim to introduce, excite, and inspire.

Our Mission

Design exciting, hands-on engineering and science projects for middle school students.

Partner with and support existing and future STEM programs.

Partner with industry leaders to productize educational hardware and software solutions.

Our projects focus on:

Physical Science

Earth Science




Environmental Science




App Inventor



Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Chemical Engineering


Algebra 1 and 2




Probability & Statistics

Customized curriculum and hands-on projects for all ages.

In addition to designing exciting curriculum for all age groups, we partner with industry leaders in the science and technology fields to identify and productize educational hardware and software solutions through research and experiential learning​​.

We design manageable and engaging projects for the students.

What better way to engage the students than to let them experience the incredible fulfillment of seeing their work into action? Whether it consists of experiencing Ohm's law through the flow of electrons in light emitting diode or seeing the usefulness of logic in finite state machine, we believe that hands-on activity is of critical importance to pique the interest of the students. 

Above all, we engage the students on hands-on activities that demonstrate engineering principles while solving real life problems. These activities purposefully arranged in an informal setting from the formal classroom setting are designed to let them experience new engaging approaches to learning while helping them develop problem solving skills

Different styles of learning for different students.
Emphasis on multidisciplinary projects.

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of engineering, our projects are designed to cover multiple subjects in order to motivate the students to develop interests for other courses. Their attitude about chemistry usually changes when they discover that atoms are the reason of the glow of LED. Similarly, their attitude about maths changes when they discover that finding the right resistor requires some algebraic notations.

Emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.

We strive to foster a nurturing and collaborative environment by pairing the students in groups wherein most often the artistic and the creative students see their true value for either an effective presentation or the final packaging of a product. This discovery usually leads them to see the true value of art courses. Consequently, they realize the importance of each discipline whether it is art or science.

Our proven success record led to...

The creation of the first national student subcommittee within the largest professional network of engineering educators (American Society of Engineering Education) during the 114 Annual Conference in Honolulu on June 24-27, 2007.

Children learn best by immersion

"Children learn best if they are immersed in complex experiences and are given the opportunity to actively process what they have learned. The best learning happens when necessary facts & skills are embedded in experiences that relate to real life, where there is a big picture somehow."


- How Children Learn

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