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E4T 2018 Fall Workshop

Girl Power!

Programming for

Middle School Girls

Milpitas Library - Computer Lab* 

1 Programming Workshop = 3 Consecutive Saturdays

October 6, October 13, October 20

*Thank you to the Milpitas Library for helping us set up the workshop!

Student must be able to attend all 3 days!


Engineers 4 Tomorrow is offering a programming workshop designed with middle school girls in mind. The workshop will be held over a span of 3 consecutive Saturdays in October

Oct 6, Oct 13, Oct 20 from 10:30am to 12:30pm


Seats are limited.

Girl Power! Programming Workshop Details
This pilot workshop is an introductory programming course using Python which is a general purpose, high level programming language. The initial offering will be designed with a focus on middle school girls
Our organization's approach is to create a learning environment wherein the student is immediately immersed in the content through hands-on activities that are fun, exciting and engaging. By doing so, the student will instantly see how one line of code can sometimes make a huge impact in a program.
Our strategy is to gently expose students to software programming by making the learning experience simple and easy to follow.  Each student will have the confidence to consider learning more about software programming and applying what they have learned on to more advanced applications.
Students will be asked to design and develop projects using the concepts discussed in class.
Python Concepts:
  • printing
  • statements/expressions
  • user input
  • logic flow
  • looping
  • conditionals
  • variables
  • functions
  • testing/debugging
  • design/develop an interactive game
Student must be able to attend all 3 days!


How can I register?

Register now! Please subscribe to get latest updates!

Does my child need to have a laptop to participate?

No, the Milpitas Library will provide us with the use of their systems. 

Will there be a workshop for boys soon?

The next workshop will be designed for all middle school students. Subscribe to get updates.


Is there a fee to register?

There is no cost to participate in E4T workshops.


Can I register my child who is not in middle school?

E4T workshops are designed for middle school students.


As a parent/guardian, can I stay and participate?

We ask that parents/guardians minimize interaction so as to ensure that the learning atmosphere for all participants is as rewarding as possible.  Feel free to use the library services during the workshop.


Have more questions?

Email us at 

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