2022 Spring Workshop Descriptions

Riddle me: Coding edition

Do you want to test your thinking? Do you want to learn how to think in code? Join ACM-W, the Women in Computing club of SCU, on an adventure and learn how to get inside the mind of a programmer. Learn how to code your name using ASCII characters and solve logic, coding riddles, and puzzles! Come to our workshop to crack the code, improve your problem-solving abilities, and begin your journey as a future programmer!

SHIP or Sink

How many pennies does it take to make a boat sink? Design your own boat and find out!

Catapult Creations

It’s launch day ! Put your hard hats on to create your own cardboard catapult. 

Spaghetti Bridges & Towers

Be a civil engineer for a day! Team up with other future engineers to creatively design structures that can hold up to strong forces (wind, water, weight, earthquakes etc). Which of the structures designed can stand the spaghetti bridge and towers test!?

Lego Create & Code JUST ADDED!

Coding activities with Lego.