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2017 Spring Workshop Descriptions
Structures: Spaghetti Spans
Have you ever wondered how the buildings, bridges, and numerous other structures that make up your world are built? Engineers from numerous disciplines come together to construct magnificent structures that are unique to each situation. Step into the shoes of a civil engineer to design and build your  own model bridge with dry noodles and glue! Watch your masterpiece break into pieces, while learning the fundamentals of bridge design!
Program your Foundation with Arduino

Learn the basics of Programming through Arduino. The basic coding skills you will learn from this workshop can be applied to almost all other programming languages. Build your own simulated traffic light system with an Arduino and program it to work like a real life traffic light. No previous experience required. Students will also gain experience with working with breadboards, LEDs, Resistors, and Push-Button switches.

SPEED IT UP!: Rocket Workshop
Are you interested in how rockets work and how to make them faster? Come to this workshop! We will examine how different fuels can change the speed of rockets and how far they travel! Using film canisters, baking soda, vinegar, and alka seltzer tablets, we will learn about how different propulsion fuels affect a rocket! Come and do your part to enhance the future of space travel!
Electric Concert (It’s LIT)

Are you interested in designing an electrical circuit that will produce a vibrant and poppin concert? If so, come to the “Electric Concert” activity where we will discuss the construction and design of circuits that power electrical devices. Those who attend this activity will get hands-on experience wiring several components in order to produce sound and lights that will generate a lit concert. Come and explore the work that electrical engineers do everyday to build the devices that have become an integral piece of our lives. (Plus you don’t want to miss the concert. It’ll be lit).

Electronic Insanity: A Soldering Workshop

There are few skills more useful and practical than soldering. In this class, students will learn about basic electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, and how to safely solder and desolder components. Then, they will test their knowledge by building an engaging LED light show and burglar alarm.

Energizing The Grid

This workshop is focused on the powers of generators and the different forms of energy that can generate electrical power. Students will build their own generators, learn the basics of power and electricity, and leave with the ability to make their own generators to power their own small projects.

Fast and Furious Fuel Cell Car

Join us and build your very own Fast and Furious Fuel Cell Car! In this experiment we will learn about the fuel cell and how it works to transform chemical energy into mechanical energy. Like real engineers and scientists, we will assemble and fill the fuel cell, conduct water electrolysis, measure the gas generated from the electrolysis, and then perform the amazing “Glow Test.”

Lego Mindstorms

Combining the creativity of LEGO building with some of the most innovative technology, create and command amazing LEGO Mindstorm NXT Robots! Using motors, gears, and sensors, program your robots to walk, talk, think, and do anything you can imagine to bring them to life with an intuitive programming interface.

Heart Surgeons Wanted

The prosthetic heart valve workshop will consist of designing and fabricating possible replacements for defective heart valves. These prototypes will be oversized for easy construction with the materials provided. The apparatuses will be tested using balls of varying size (airsoft pellets to shooting marbles). The designs should ideally allow for a large flow rate in one direction and little to no flow in the opposite direction.

Maker Lab Balsa Wood Fliers

Explore flight by building and modifying different laser cut balsa wood glider designs. Participants will see who can get theirs to travel the farthest. Also in this session, we will be demonstrating the equipment in the Maker Lab. Get an up close look at 3D printing, laser cutting, and more!

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